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Now Available: Advantage Database Server: 8.1
Now Available: Advantage Help Files on the DevZone
Advantage Technical Summit in Boise: February 7-8
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Tech Tip: SQL User Defined Functions
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Now Available: Advantage Database Server 8.1
Advantage 8.1 includes many new enhancements such as User Defined Functions (UDFs), TCP/IP support, increased SQL performance, schema templates, and much more. Click here for more details, documentation, and demos of this functionality.

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What's New

Now Available: Advantage Help Files on the DevZone
Advantage 8.1 online help files are now available on the DevZone. Follow the link from the homepage to Online Help Files. The files are there to give you information about the servers and clients at your fingertips. Stay tuned for 7.1 files coming soon.

Advantage Technical Summit in Boise: February 7-8
Plan now to attend the Advantage Technical Summit in Boise, Idaho February 7-8, 2007. Join us for 2 days full of information on the latest version of Advantage. Sessions will take an in-depth look at Advantage 8.1 and include tips and techniques to help manage and deploy Advantage applications using best-practice methods. Anyone involved with the sales, promotion, technical support or application development of Advantage Database Server will benefit from this summit.

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High Performance Database Design - Three Part Series

This three-part online seminar series will take viewers through the ins and outs of high performance database design. The series started in September in the planning stages of a database, then moves to the implementation of views, triggers, stored procedures, dictionary links, replication and the user interface in-depth.

If you were unable to attend part 1 in September, listen to the archive available here.

Part 2: October 17, 2006 11:00 AM Eastern Time
Once the foundation is established, it's time to decide how the data will be viewed and implemented. This seminar will demonstrate the use of database views to customize the data returned to the client, and strategies and examples of centralized business logic.

  • Using views to display and filter data
  • Using triggers to maintain data integrity and perform auditing functions
  • Using stored procedures to enforce business logic within your database

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Part 3: November 14, 2006 11:00 Eastern Time
Part 3 addresses advanced database features. This seminar will cover use of Dictionary Links to join databases together, planning a backup strategy, how to ensure data is kept safe and replication.

  • Creating links between databases
  • Planning a replication strategy
  • Handling replication conflicts
  • User interface considerations

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Advantage Webcast Archives
If you have questions about any of the Advantage products then you've come to the right place! Click on the link below to access our informative recorded webcasts. These slides come complete with audio files (Real Audio) allowing you to listen and learn at your own pace.

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Tech Tip

SQL User Defined Functions
With the release of Advantage Version 8.1, the SQL engine has been enhanced to allow developers to create User Defined Functions (UDFs) that can be used within SQL statements. These custom functions are defined inside a data dictionary and are written using SQL Persistent Stored Module code. Once the UDFs have been defined, any SQL statement that is executed on a connection to the data dictionary where the UDFs are defined can use them.

To view the full tech tip click here.

KnowledgeBase Items

The following KnowledgeBase items have been posted to the DevZone in the past month

Advantage Database Server for Windows NT Dependencies
Number: 980827-0411

Installing the Server Service on Windows NT/2000
Reference Number: 060919-1792

Installing the Workstation Service on Windows NT/2000
Reference Number: 060919-1791

DBServer:Close() Only Closes Table, Not Connection
Reference Number: 060814-1776

Debugging An Advantage Extended Procedure or Trigger Does Not Stop At Breakpoints
Reference Number: 060303-1747

My Network Administrator Doesn't Allow UDP Communication
Reference Number: 060919-1793

Crash in Application is Leaving the Connection Open
Reference Number: 060919-1794

How to ship reports that were originally created with versions of Crystal Reports prior to version 9
Reference Number: 060817-1781

How to get (unsupported) Crystal Reports 11 to work with ADS 7.x
Reference Number: 060817-1780

October 2006


Book Offer

Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide
This newest version of the official guide to Advantage Database Server is almost here!

Five lucky winners will receive an autographed copy hot off the press in December. To throw your name in the hat, click here.

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